Leanna J Consulting is a bespoke human resource consultancy, specialising in helping small businesses thrive through the development and implementation of people management strategies.

From the very first step of planning for your first employee right through to developing your high-performance team, we have individually tailored solutions to suit every business at every stage.

Navigating your way through the myriad of obligations you hold as an employer can be tricky, especially as things can change so often. We are committed to breaking down those obligations and educating employers to understand exactly where their responsibilities lie, without the jargon that our industry can often be known for. 

Our solutions offer more than just a short-term fix.

We love partnering with businesses not just in their time of need, but throughout their journey as an employer to help them manage the highs and the lows. We believe that it is this kind of proactive approach which sees greater results for employers, employees and the bottom line of the business.

Outsourcing a function of your business as vital as human resources can be hard - we get it.

We really want to make it a positive experience for you as the business owner and for the growth and success of your business. By delegating this role in its entirety or just part thereof, you gain not just our expertise but additional time to work on the tasks you love, which is what you went in to business for in the first place right?

When you engage our services, you are gifting yourself peace of mind. Peace of mind which comes from knowing that we have your back and that we are here to help you navigate your biggest HR challenges.

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