HR Debunked: What is HR and why do you need it – Part 2

I talked in a previous post about what HR is and the types of tasks that an HR practitioner might provide to a business, but I think it is important in a conversation about debunking HR to talk about what HR is *not* as well. Here’s my top 4:

1.     HR are not Employment Lawyers – HR does not act as a replacement for an employment lawyer. Interpretation of the various pieces of legislation which apply to the obligations of employers and employees is tricky, therefore accurate advice on the application of that legislation is vital.

2.     HR are not Psychologists – HR representatives are often given personal or confidential information by employees about their own circumstances. While support to assist the employee to appropriately interact in the workplace despite whatever challenge they are facing is necessary, HR will not replace the need for the medical or psychological help the employee may require.

3.     HR are not decision-makers – HR will not tell you what to do with your employees in your business. The role of HR is to research and present the options for the business owner to make an informed decision. Of course, their advice and discussion is important to consider within that decision-making process however the true role of HR is in the implementation phase after the decision has been made.

4.  HR are not Accountants – This sounds pretty obvious because everyone has an accountant right? There are a number of tax implications involved in the payment of wages and benefits to employees including PAYG Tax, Fringe Benefits Tax, Superannuation, Payroll Tax to name a few. While your HR practitioner may remind you that these taxes and expenses are payable, your accountant’s advice should be sought for details.

You can see here that engaging HR advice is just one part of a panel of experts who, when working collaboratively, can support your business to achieve its goals while allowing you as the business owner the peace of mind of informed decision making and time to perform the tasks which sit in your area of expertise too.

Leanne x

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