HR Debunked: What is HR and why do you need it – Part 3

We’ve previously explored what HR is and what it isn’t and now in the final post for the Debunking Series,  it’s time to look at why you might need HR expertise in your business.

I get it, HR support services are just another expense to add to the never ending number of people who need to be paid before you are. It’s tempting to do it yourself to save money and plus, your employees are pretty good, they won’t cause too many problems and if they do you’ll just sort it out at the time right? In some cases, this approach might work out…until it doesn’t anymore. It’s like the old adage, everything is ok while everything is ok! But what about when it is not ok anymore? Here’s four of my reasons why businesses need good quality HR advice:

  1. The HR landscape is changing all the time. New cases are being heard in our courts every day and the outcomes can often have a significant impact on the way we handle things like employee entitlements or even the way they are employed. The engagement of an HR expert means you are more likely to remain compliant with your obligations and that you are receiving the most up-to-date advice and recommendations from which to base your decision-making.
  2. Setting the tone for an employees employment experience with your business through carefully considered written documentation is not only a display of your professionalism to a new employee but also provides direction and guidance on behavioural expectations, as well as satisfying some of your compliance obligations too! As your business grows, so too should your policies and procedures and by engaging HR expertise to manage this, you can concentrate on driving that growth even further.
  3. To help manage the performance of your team through structuring a simple and effective performance appraisal system which ensures your employees are heard and relevant and constructive feedback is received in a timely manner. Having an effective communication strategy for employee performance allows clarity in a process that is quite often dreaded by employers and employees alike.
  4. As with many tasks that can be delegated, outsourcing HR services frees up precious time for employers to spend doing what it is they went into business for; to take parts in the elements of their business that they love, to enjoy some extra flexibility or perhaps spend more time with the important people in their lives.  

Small business owners have so many hats to wear and being across all facets of the business at all times is not always possible, or effective. Having either internal or external HR help removes the pressure of having to be involved in the nitty-gritty’s of your people management obligations at all times, and frees up owners and leaders to spend more time on the things which fit into their areas of expertise. By engaging a qualified and experienced HR professional, business owners can feel relieved in the knowledge that their most precious resource, their people, are being taken care of.  

Leanne x

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