Our Founder

Leanna J Consulting was born from the idea of being able to help those who don’t work for the interests of shareholders, but for the benefit of themselves, their employees their families and their valued customers…

As a child I was always really sure about what I wanted to be when I grew up.

I had such vivid images of myself as a grown-up woman with long hair that bounced perfectly as she walked.

She’d wake each morning and select an outfit from a wardrobe of beautifully tailored pieces, match it with the perfect handbag (of course!) and a pair of stiletto pumps from the most amazing shoe collection a young girl could ever imagine! 

Each day she’d leave her inner-city apartment, perfectly on time, and stride confidently towards her multi-storey high-rise office. After smiling at the door-person and chatting with the person on the front-desk, she’d take her seat in a stunning, light-filled office, behind an exquisitely organised desk and begin her important work of serving others – the details of which were a little sketchy in the dreams!

Such innocence from a young girl yet to know the reality of a full day in heels!

Somewhere along the way...

Somewhere along the way, the path towards that high-rise city office looked a little more like an unsealed rural road, the heel height of those stiletto pumps became a whole lot more comfortable and the sketchy details about the important work of serving others became much clearer. The experiences that young girl had between the dreaming and the doing created the idea of helping those who weren’t working for the benefit of shareholders but for themselves, their employees, their families and their valued customers. A passion for small business had emerged.

In over 15 years, my most precious career achievements are those where I have collaborated with small business owners and leaders to create positive and permanent outcomes for the benefit of them and their staff, and it is this that still lights me up today.


A passion for small business...

In an attempt to do more of what lights me up every day, Leanna J Consulting exists to provide tailored people management advice and solutions for small businesses. My primary motivation is to provide some relief from the challenges of small business operation. This is achieved by creating practical and easily implementable solutions for mutually beneficial results for employers and employees, without the jargon that the human resources industry is often known for.

As a nod to that little girl with those big (and fashionable) dreams, the nickname her mother still calls her to this day adorns the name of this venture towards achieving the, slightly modified, version of those dreams, and more.

Leanne Hasting
Memberships and Education