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The services listed here is not an exhaustive list and it may well be that there’s a service you need that’s not mentioned here…

If so, don’t worry, we’d still love to hear from you as customising service solutions to best meet specific needs, is what we do best.

The Important Bits

An employment agreement containing the rights and responsibilities of each party to the agreement is a really important component of setting a solid foundation for the employer / employee relationship.

We work in collaboration with a lawyer to provide our clients with an agreement which is clear and simple to understand and most importantly, customised to your organisation.

We can assist to identify and interpret the applicable Award or determine if the position is Award-free.

A tailored ‘Policies and Procedures Handbook’, designed to guide the behaviours of your employees at work is another key component to a solid employment relationship.

We’ll customise the policies which are applicable to your industry and your business and ensure they are underpinned by your business values. Can’t articulate any specific values? We can help with that too!

So you’ve landed yourself your ideal candidate and they are due to start on Monday, what next?

A well-considered and deliberately structured Induction program is the tool to help you determine whether this candidate is a good fit for you, your business and your culture.

We will design and document a plan covering the first 6 months of employment (or shorter if your probation period is less than 6 months) which will test the compatibility of your new recruit with your business, including templates and guidance around the important conversations to hold during this period.

We have a relationship with software providers who offer programs which act as your one-stop-shop for your day-to-day HR management and documentation needs.

It’s even possible the program will integrate with your existing payroll system! We can arrange for the access and training in the use of the system after determining which one is right for your business.

The Tough Bits

It’s that dreaded event that employers don’t like to hold, and employees don’t like to attend, but what if performance management was something that everyone could be excited about? Well, excited might be a little unrealistic but less terrifying anyway.

Let’s design a performance management system which is tailored to your needs as a business and assists with the growth and development of your employees.

This also includes a structure for ongoing review, not just once a year, and salary review and market salary research where required.

Achieving consistency and peak productivity in any organisation requires clear lines of communication and feedback.

An appropriate feedback model shows your employees when, how and how often they will receive feedback and from who, to ensure consistent, practical and valuable conversation between employer and employee.

It’s easy to get distracted at work with the volume and variety of emails and tasks which might come across your desk each day.

We often find ourselves jumping from one task to another without finishing, and before we know it, nothing is being finished off and productivity falls through the floor.

We can work with you and your employees to create routines and structures throughout their days and weeks to improve focus and efficiency, each of which improve the bottom line for you! 

When dealing with people, it is inevitable that problems will arise from time to time.

Our support and advice is available for business leaders who are faced with a problem they need a little help resolving.

This includes such things as workplace complaints, redundancy, disciplinary proceedings, terminations (or as we prefer to see it, allowing employees the opportunity to achieve their goals in another, more suitable workplace) and many more.

The Exciting Bits

Whether you’re recruiting for the first time or you’ve had a little more practice, the recruitment process can take up much of your precious time.

You can tell us what you want from a new recruit and we can take care of the rest. We’ll create a Position Description to formalise the expected role and responsibilities of the candidate, develop your clear and concise advertisement to help attract only the best available in the market, collect and screen your applications and provide you with a shortlist bursting with potential.

If you need some help with the interview process, we can do that too, by developing an interview format and suggested questions which capture all the information you need to make the right decision for your business.

For some businesses, professional learning is a legal requirement or an obligation imposed by some other association or membership body, but for all businesses it is pretty important!

We can work together to document your commitment to the learning and development of your employees which will help to achieve your business goals, as well as the goals of the individuals in their career progression. We can also help you combine this with your performance management system which helps keep all parties accountable.

When you win that big new contract or hit ‘go’ on a new idea, pulling together a workforce that can cope with the increased workload can be pretty overwhelming, especially with the hundreds of other things on your to-do-list.

You’ll know what you need, you’re the expert of your business after all, and we can pull it all together for you. From sourcing and securing the talent you need, through to setting the foundations for and welcoming them on their first day, we’ve got your back!

The importance of team activities and celebrations cannot be underestimated.

Your team socialising in a relaxed environment goes a long way towards building trust amongst your team by learning about each other.

We can assist with the coordination of these events from the invitation through to the location and transport.

The Maintenance Bits

We’ve all had one of those cringe-worthy team-building sessions where we are asked to pour our hearts out to a room of people and then fall back in to their arms in an act of complete trust and liberation! Spoiler alert, it doesn’t work!

What does work depends on your team and what you want to achieve within it. A customised solution to your team will see greater results than any ‘fall of trust’.

Identifying, establishing and most importantly, communicating your company culture to your existing and new employees is vital to their success in your business.

We’ll help you to articulate ‘the way things are done around here’ and develop a consistent message to guide internal behaviours.

For businesses or not-for-profit organisations who have a governing Board which needs HR representation, we can be that expert voice.

The 'We Never Get To This' Bits

We all have ideas we wish we could get off the ground, if only we had a few extra hours in the day! We can assist with the administration, operations and HR aspects involved in bringing these projects to life.

On call support for any HR and / or Administration projects which just don’t seem to get done in your business ie. candidate screening, compilation of personnel files, filing, scanning, spreadsheets, transcribing, typing etc.

All the Bits

For those businesses who are about to or have experienced significant growth and know they have HR stuff that needs to be sorted but they don’t know what, or how or when the heck it will get done, leave it with us!

Alternatively, if you have already earmarked someone within your workforce who has a burning desire to join the cool cats in the HR world but needs a little upskilling, we can work alongside them until they are ready to take the reins on their own.

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Want to have a chat?

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